Billy Copeland Endangered His Life, Broke World Records and Made Money

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Yes, it’s a luge man with a rocket coming out from the end. It is called Rocket Luge and was invented by Billy Copeland or “Rocketman”.

Billy Copeland is the first man to combine street luge with rocket propulsion. This is certainly crazy. You can imagine how dangerous this tool is even for himself. Furthermore, Billy Coupeland is willing to put his life at risk for making and using his own rocket luge. He is very enthusiastic about breaking the world record and making a lot of money with it.

Crazy Ideas Emerge For The First Time


After seeing others lugging, he decided to make his own luge and start playing sports. But something was always missing. One night there was a show on TV about rockets and suddenly the idea was found. This is how he makes his luge faster than anyone else. Rocket power! In 1996, he embarked on his first test run, inspiring his outlook on what would happen. But like a real success, he cheered them to see it anyway.

After thinking of the idea of ​​making a luge with a rocket, Billy began trying to come up with any idea. It’s not without reason that Billy is breaking the world record and looking at something to make a lot of money for his achievements.

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Implementing The Rocket Luge

After he succeeded in creating the rocket engine he had dreamed of, the engine was still smoking and a little output wasn’t enough. As a result, the number of rockets increased, and the smoke and power increased accordingly. Each rocket only burns for about 2 seconds, but when used together it gives the desired thrust. Not everything went according to plan, and in one example, a rocket melted the rear end of the luge, entwining wires, aluminum, and various other parts in front of a newspaper photographer. But he learned from his mistakes, that things are going well.

Billy dared to try his rocket luge. Of course, using a rocket propulsion engine can be very fast and endanger Billy’s life. However, everything went smoothly and he was able to successfully carry out his mission.

Break The World Record


His world record currently stands at 98.5 mph, which is fast on anything, but a luge that closes to the floor must be pretty hairy. With this feat, Billy managed to make a profit of $2 million. But now, there are so many people who can break Billy’s record. Many people are now inspired by Billy Coupeland.

Please do not copy under any circumstances. Remember rockets, tarmacs, speeds approaching 100 mph, and you can get injured or worse. As you can see from the pictures on this page, he wears a lot of protective equipment and slowly adjusts to these speeds.

He is currently trying to enter the movie industry with rocket lugers. So if you have an up-and-coming director trying to add a little speed and firepower to a movie or commercial, this is your man. “Rocketman”. Everybody involved with this site would love to see this in a film.

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